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Whistler Weed and Whitler magic mushroom delivery service, Herbal Delivery has a wide variety of products to help enhance your spirit and lifestyle. 

Whistler weed delivery offers a variety of clean, quality, BC grown and made Whistler Magic Mushrooms.

Whistler Magic Mushrooms: Introduction 

Whistler magic mushrooms have a huge effect on your brain and the way it works. Psilocybin disrupts regular thinking patterns, increases neuroplasticity and helps increase serotonin. However it is not realistic to take whistler magic mushrooms so what is the solution to a long lasting change?

For some people one or two doses of psychedelics from whistler weed delivery, given in a therapeutic setting can help for years to come however some people do experience a relapse. 

Whistler Magic mushrooms; What about microdosing?

Whistler magic mushroom microdosing is believed to be a great solution. Practices taking tiny amounts of psilocybin mushroom several times a week help maintain brain health and a creative perspective on life. 

A microdose comes in different dosages however the most commonon is between 0.1 – 0.3grams. Whistler weed delivery offers this in a capsule form. 

“I’m going to say something provocative, but I believe it to my core: Psilocybin makes nicer people,”. Although you cannot get a “trip” from microdosing it has been shown that this small dosage taken often can help build these connections within the brain and allow for neuroplasticity to grow. This is not like going on a trip and will take time to build. This is a delayed gratification practice and will take time but will be a maintainable solution to brain health. 

Final words

The psilocybin in whistler magic mushrooms allows for connection pathways to grow and build a positive way of thinking. Take back control of your thinking and call whistler weed delivery today to try our high quality, BC grown Whistler magic mushrooms. Whistler weed sore delivers right to your door!

 For more on whistler magic mushrooms tune into next week’s blog! 

How to Order 

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The minimum order you can make is $40, and you will be charged $15 as delivery fee. However, for orders whose value is over $65, delivery is free!

Once you have placed your order you will receive a text on the approximate time of your delivery and once we are close we will let you know. This means you can kick back and relax, start a drinking game with your buddies or get dinner started, let Whistler Weed Delivery do the work.