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Pre Rolls

Our Pre Roll flower are 100 times fresher (smell, taste, potency, stickiness, smooth smoke, not dry and harsh) than store Pre Rolls.

Why? This is because with store pre rolls, the time from harvest, to rolling, to distribution outlet, to retail store, then to sale to you, the flower can be upto 2 years old! Thats right, on average pre rolls will be at least 1 year old. Our pre rolls age from time of harvest to you would be about 1-4 week on average as its all done in house, where the flower is kept in vacuum seal packaging during the process to maintain the freshness.

We use as the exact same AAA flower we sell in packs, as for our pre rolls, and we only do small runs of Pre Rolls to match our packaged flower. Thus the flower is fresh and sticky, giving you the taste and flavour compared to store pre rolls that are dry making it harsher to smoke, less smell, taste, and potency due to the flower sitting for so long.

Our flower is still sticky in the PR, so it has that fresh sticky smell, has great taste, smokes smooth and has high potency.