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Legal Information

We are a technology platform that supplies medicinal cannabis information, and connects vendors with suppliers. We do not touch product, we process information, and streamline customer service across. We operate similar to Amazon, where suppliers ship everything.

Our associate supplier facilities have been operating for many years without a customer suffering a single issue with the law via our mailing or delivery. Also no one at our facilities and associate supplier facilities have had any issues with the law. The municipality know of each location, taxes are paid, and operations are compliant for safety and health codes.

This is because we are operating within the cannabis system that is being created and we, the cannabis community, know that police are not enforcing old cannabis laws that will be abolished on cannabis businesses that are operating within the system, ie they  don’t sell to underage, pay taxes, not involved with any other illegal substances or organised crime.

Our products are packaged and shipped the same way as stipulated by Health Canada.

Flower products are packaged professionally using vacuum sealing plastic, with a packaging process so no cannabis residue is the packaging. Discretion is also our priority, so no one will know is inside.