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CBD Whistler, Herbal Delivery has a wide variety of products to help enhance your recovery and lifestyle. 

Weed delivery Whistler offers a variety of clean, quality, BC products that will have you coming back for more.

CBD Whistler: Introduction 

In CBD Whistler rest and recover series one we focused on what a cannabidiol was and how it assists with healthy joints and reduces inflammation. Keeping you doing the big mountain rides, climbs and adventures for longer. 

Today we will focus on how CBD Whistler can assist with the rest and recovery following your big day on the mountain and assuring your muscles are loose and limber for the many adventures yet to come. 

Herbal delivery cannabis shop provides many great products and as you can see by the title one that is great for assisting with rest and recovery is CBD Whistler. 

CBD Whistler; How does it work?

When we are working hard on our big days out muscles are constantly working and contracting to gain the most power. After a big day of contraction, it becomes very difficult for our muscles to relax and as this is one of the most important steps to  recovery it is a must that we do all we can to support them. 

CBD binds to transmitters that slow down the rate of contraction in our muscles allowing them to become supple and fully relaxed. 

CBD Whistler; Best Practice

Whistler cannabis shop’s top athletes have found that there is one practice that can drastically improve your recovery and have you returning to the mountain even stronger! 

After a big day our athletes suggest taking a CBD Whistler Gummie, play calming music of your choice and perform what we call box breathing. 

Box breathing is an equal inhale – hold – exhale – hold. If you are new to this technique I would start with 3 seconds. Inhale, let your belly expand for 3 seconds Hold – Exhale, push it all out for 3 seconds and hold. Repeat this for 10 minutes and let the beauty or CBD Whistler work its magic.

Final Words

Whistler cannabis store’s goal is to assist in enhancing your performance and promoting longevity in the activities we all love so much. Recovery is a huge part of that goal and we have some of the best products in the province. Let CBD Whistler take your game to the next level!

How to Order 

Order your products in these simple steps:

1. Fill your cart

2. Check out

3. Confirm your order

The minimum order you can make is $40, and you will be charged $15 as delivery fee. However, for orders whose value is over $65, delivery is free!

Once you have placed your order you will receive a text on the approximate time of your delivery and once we are close we will let you know. This means you can kick back and relax, start a drinking game with your buddies or get dinner started, let Whistler Weed Delivery do the work.